Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare


  • Saiful Islam MASTEQ Software Pty Ltd, Australia



Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer program or machine to think or learn that possess human-like intelligence. These computing devices use this intelligence to provide services such as speech recognition, natural language processing and identifying disease in healthcare. To work efficiently, AI requires adequate data that is used to train systems. The efficiency of any AI system depends on the availability of this data.  This article is mainly focused on recent advents in the technology of Artificial Intelligence. The importance of AI in healthcare is identified and described in this report. The applications of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare such as clinical care, medical research, drug research and public healthcare are briefly discussed here. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that artificial intelligence is being used in all domains of life and particularly in the field of healthcare. This report presents the role of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare.



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